Sentence Examples with the word CONTUMACY

But the Druses still refused to pay taxes, to serve in the Ottoman army, or to recognize the kaimakam, and maintained their contumacy under the lead of the Jumblat, till 1896; when, as the result of a military expedition under Tahir Pasha and a great defeat at Ijun, a compromise was arrived at, under which the Druses agreed to pay taxes, but to serve in their own territory only as a frontier guard.

His contumacy was made the excuse for the outlawry of himself and his family.

On France, in consequence of the contumacy of King Robert the Wise.

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The most memorable acts of his pontificate were those arising out of the contumacy of the French king, Robert, who was ultimately brought to submission by the rigorous infliction of a sentence of excommunication.

The pretext was the contumacy shown by the Locrian town Amphissa to the rulings of the Amphictyonic Council.

For this act of contumacy the king and kingdom were placed under interdict.