Sentence Examples with the word CONTENTIOUS

Hunting with hounds is a highly contentious subject of great interest to people who live in rural areas.

But this omission was supplied in Prussia by a law of the 29th of March 1879, which provided for the appointment, in each commune, of an arbitrator (Schiedsmann) before whom conciliation proceedings in contentious matters might be conducted.

It cannot be denied that men like Roger Williams and some of the persecuted Quakers, though undeniably contentious and aggressive in their conscientious dissent, showed a spirit which to-day seems sweeter in tolerance and humanity than that of the Puritans.

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In the middle ages there was not a very clear distinction drawn between the vicar and the official of the bishop. When the voluntary and contentious jurisdiction came to be distinguished, the former fell generally to the vicars, the latter to the officials.

There was contentious debate over the use of genetically modified crops.

The prevalent conditions seem to be those of the Greek church of the post-apostolic period, characterized by worldiness of life, profession without practice, and a contentious garrulity of teaching (I John iii.

The Sophistical Elenchi, on sophistical or contentious syllogism, or sophistical fallacies.

As Mom used to say, truth hurts, but surely silver tongued Alex could have found a less contentious way of saying it.

However, large or potentially contentious applications are decided by panels of councilors.

The result was viewed as contentious in some quarters.