Sentence Examples with the word CONSTITUTIONS OF CLARENDON

He was bitterly disappointed that Becket, on whom he bestowed the primacy, left vacant by the death of Theobald (1162), at once became the champion of clerical privilege; he and the archbishop were no longer on speaking terms when the Constitutions of Clarendon came up for debate.

To the pope this meant that the Constitutions of Clarendon were disavowed; to the king, who maintained that they were in the main a mere restatement of the customs of William I., it bore no such general interpretation.

The Constitutions of Clarendon recognize this appeal (c. viii.).

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The Constitutions of Clarendon provided that these causes should be heard only in the king's court (c. 1).

In England the Constitutions of Clarendon (by chap. viii.) prohibited appeals to the pope; but after the murder of St Thomas of Canterbury Henry II.