Sentence Examples with the word CONSEQUENCE

The consequence of this indiscriminate sexual intercourse, especially if much prolonged, is to diminish, in some cases to paralyse, the fertility of the female.

Archbishop Hamilton, however, who now granted the decree, had himself obtained a papal dispensation for the marriage, 1 and in consequence it is extremely doubtful whether according to the Roman Catholic law Bothwell and Mary were ever husband and wife.

The rulers of the provinces shared these views; the consequence was disquiet and confusion throughout the empire.

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In consequence of the imprisonment of his father in 922, his mother Odgiva (Eadgyfu), sister of the English king lEthelstan, fled to England with the young Louis - a circumstance to which he owes his surname.

An attempt was made to form an anti-Prussian coalition, but it failed in consequence of the cordial understanding between the German and Russian chancellors.

The Arianism of Ulfilas was a fact of pregnant consequence for his people, and indirectly for the empire.

This same year his naval accounts were subjected to an examination in consequence of his indignant refusal to take part in the attack upon Ormonde; 1 and he was suspended from his office in 1668, no charge,however, against him being substantiated.

On the 16th of May Butler fought the indecisive battle of Drury's Bluff against Beauregard, in consequence of which he had to retire to Bermuda Hundred, whence most of his troops were sent to join Grant.

It was in consequence of the aid which the people of Miletus lent to the Eretrians on this occasion that Eretria sent five ships to aid the Ionians in their revolt against the Persians (see IoNiA); and owing to this, that city was the first place in Greece proper to be attacked by Datis and Artaphernes in 490 B.C. It was utterly ruined on that occasion, and its inhabitants were transported to Persia.

In consequence of repeated invasions of Fantiland by the Ashanti, the British in 1817 sent Frederick James, commandant of Accra fort, T.