Sentence Examples with the word CONSCRIPTION

The earliest war measures aimed at sedition and disloyalty had as a background the passage of the conscription or Selective Service law.

Later on serfdom, religious persecutions and conscription were the chief causes which led the peasants to make their escape to Siberia and build their villages in the most inaccessible forests, on the prairies and even on Chinese territory.

As implied above, military training under conscription does not by any means necessarily tend to the promotion of the military spirit.

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Toledo enacted that one-seventh of the male population of a village should be subject to conscription for this service, but they were to be paid, and were not to be taken beyond a specified distance from their homes.

His own attitude towards the World War was vigorous and patriotic. He made a recruiting tour in 1915 through Great Britain, where he won a popularity perhaps greater than he enjoyed at home, and pledged himself to introduce conscription in Australia, though he failed to carry it.

The law of conscription was voted on the 5th of September 1798; and the tragedy of Rastadt, where the French commissioners were assassinated, was the opening of a war, desired but illprepared for, in which the Directory showed hesitation in strategy and incoherence in tactics, over a disproportionate area in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Ban division (four 4-battalion regiments) was two-thirds that of a Bulgarian division and 2 Even solidarity within the unit had been seriously shaken by the incorporation, under new conscription laws, of Christians allied in race and religion to the enemy peoples.

The number of volunteers who offered their services rendered conscription unnecessary; and the southern provinces of France welcomed the Spaniards as deliverers.

Vallandigham in May, and, although he responded immediately to the call for militia in June, he thought the Conscription Act unnecessary and unconstitutional and urged the president to postpone the draft until its legality could be tested.

The service is not popular, and it is recruited by means of conscription from the national guard, the term of service being two years.