Sentence Examples with the word CONNECTIONS

They'll take her for her connections and wealth.

I had connections no one else did.

At that age, he was relatively low on the immortal totem pole, though his obvious wealth indicated he had powerful connections somewhere.

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The great personal qualities of the reigning emperors and the widely extended family connections of the house of Hohenzollern have enabled them to hold with ease their position as leaders among the ruling families.

Dolokhov, who needed Anatole Kuragin's name, position, and connections as a bait to draw rich young men into his gambling set, made use of him and amused himself at his expense without letting the other feel it.

The connections of its stele witl that of the parent axis are made across the pericycle of the latter Its cortex is never in connection with the cortex of the parent, but with its pericycle.

He admitted that he actually went because he had connections - heritage.

Comprises those cases in which the motions of three points in one follower are determined by their connections with two or with three different drivers.

At this point a papyrus of stories written in the popular language of the Middle Kingdom provided Erman with a stepping-stone from Old Egyptian to the Late Egyptian of the Neuagyptische Grammatik, and gave the connections that would bind solidly together the whole structtire of Egyptian grammar (see Sprache des Papyrus Westcar, 1889).

These according to Pierre's observations were men who had no belief in anything, nor desire for anything, but joined the Freemasons merely to associate with the wealthy young Brothers who were influential through their connections or rank, and of whom there were very many in the lodge.