Sentence Examples with the word CONJUNCTIVE

The gaps, are, however, often filled as they are formed by the development of external conjunctive tissue immediately above the points at which the bundles begin to bend out of the stele, so that sharply defined open gaps such as occur in fern-steles are but rarely met with in flowering plants.

The negative adverbs are ni, nid, conjunctive na, nad.

When the diameter of the stele is greater, parenchymatous conjunctive tissue often occupies its centre and is frequently called the pith.

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The type of siphonostele characteristic of many ferns, in which are found internal phloem, and an internal endodermis separating the vascular conjunctive from the pith is known as a solenostele.

The external conjunctive is usually a living comparatively small-celled tissue, whose cells are consider ably elongated in the direction of the stem-axis and frequently contain abundant starch.

The conjunctive of a root-stele possessing a pith is often sclerized between the pith and the pericycle.

These collateral bundles are separated from one another by bands of conjunctive tissues called primary medullary rays, which may be quite narrow or of considerable width.

The pericycle and mesocycle together form the conjunctive tissue of the stele in these simplest types.

Where internal phloem is present this is separated from the internal endodermis by an endocycle or internal pericycle, as it is sometimes called, and from the xylem by an internal mesocyclethese two layers, together with the outer mesocycle and pericycle, constituting the conjunctive tissue of the now hollow cylindrical stele.

C.p, Conjunctive tissue.