Sentence Examples with the word COMPUTATION

They were invented by Gauss to facilitate the computation of elliptic integrals.

There can be no exact computation of time or placing of events without a fixed point or epoch from which the reckoning takes its start.

According to the computation most generally followed, the year 312 of the era of the Seleucidae began on the ist of September in the Julian year preceding the first of our era.

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If we take a moderate computation the number of recent species may be taken at 10,000-11,000.1 Dr R.

The superintendent of the Ninth Census, 1870, presented a computation 01 the effects of this causefirst, through direct losses, by wounds or disease, either in actual service of the army or navy, or in a brief term following discharge; secondly, through the retardation of the rate of increase in the colored element, due to the privations, exposures and excesses attendant upon emancipation; thirdly, through the check given to immigration by the existence of war, the fear of conscription, and the apprehension abroad of results prejudicial to the national welfare.

The corresponding dates in the contemporary reigns in the other kingdom were derived, it is practically certain, by computation from the lengths of the successive reigns.

XpovoXoyia, computation of time, Xpovos), the science which treats of time, its object being to arrange and exhibit the various events which have occurred in the history of the world in the order of their succession, and to ascertain the intervals of time between them.

This computation attained currency among the later Jews (Josephus and others; cf.

It is not known for what reason the alteration was made; but it is conjectured that it was for the purpose of causing a newfrevolution of the cycle of nineteen years (which was introduced into the ecclesiastical computation about this time by Anatolius, bishop of Hierapolis) to begin with the first year of the reign of Diocletian.

Of the Passeres the honeysuckers (Meliphagidae) are most characteristic, and, abounding in 1 The following old-fashioned rough computation may serve as an indication of the relative size of the orders and suborders of recent birds: Ratitae.