Sentence Examples with the word COMMONERS

The effect of this was that in January 1835 the legislature passed a bill for submitting the question legally to all the voters of the state, although this bill itself limited the proposed convention's power relating to representation by providing that it should so amend the constitution that senators be chosen by districts according to public taxes, and that commoners be apportioned by districts according to Federal representation, i.e.

He established himself as a private tutor in Paris, and presently set up a school for the army at Versailles, which was attended by commoners as well as nobles.

The Hova 2 or commoners form the mass of the population of Imerina.

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The netsuke and the pipe, with all that pertained to it, were for the commoners what the sword-hilt and guard were for the gentry.

The number of senators was reduced to 50, the number of commoners to 120, and the manner of choosing senators and commoners was changed as directed in the act providing for the convention.

He was again later the champion of the commoners of St Ives in the Long Parliament 1 Life of Sir H.

The mayor and aldermen apparelled in orient-grained scarlet, and four hundred commoners in murrey, well mounted, with rich collars and chains, met the king at Blackheath.