Sentence Examples with the word COMMISSARY

He then put on his shoes in the vestry, and a chapter was held, and the bishop or his commissary preached a suitable sermon.

The country gentlemen could not have a garden party without the presence of a commissary of police.

Andros was sent to England for trial in 1690, but was immediately released without trial, and from 1692 until 1698 he was governor of Virginia, but was recalled through the agency of Commissary James Blair, with whom he quarrelled.

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Some of the men are recruited from the neighbouring territories, but the greater part consists of locally raised levies, recruited partly by voluntary enlistment and partly by the enforced enlistment of a certain number of men in each district, who are selected by the commissary in conjunction with the local chiefs.

He never took orders, but acted continually as the representative of the chapter under harassing conditions, administrative and political; he was besides commissary of the diocese of Ermeland; his medical skill, always at the service of the poor, was frequently in demand by the rich; and he laid a scheme for the reform of the currency before the Diet of Graudenz in 1522.

During the war with Austria he acted as civil commissary in Moravia.

In 1746 he was made commissary of the province for Indian affairs, and was influential in enlisting and equipping the Six Nations for participation in the warfare with French Canada, two years later (1748) being placed in command of a line of outposts on the New York frontier.

From the age of 18 years to 20 he was employed in the commissary department of the army.

On the renewal of war with England, in May 1803, he again resumed his duties as chief commissary for the army on the northern coasts.

Attached in this same year to the caisse d'escompte, he presented the report of its operations to the national assembly in 1789, and as commissary of the treasury in 1791 he established a system of accounts of unexampled punctuality.