Sentence Examples with the word COMMENCE

Leaving Bruce to gather fresh strength and to commence the tedious -process of reducing the numerous English garrisons in Scotland, he betook himself to London, and was not seen on the border again.

Between a fp, fa, k, 1, P, of some days - possibly weeks - the ova of the second Aplysia commence to descend the hermaphrodite duct; they become en FIG.

If instead of commencing with I and making successive additions of 1 we commence with any number such as 3 and make successive multiplications by 3, we get a series 3, g, 27,.

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Farther to the N., the first phase of the attack was successfully completed by 2 P.M., and it was found possible to commence the second phase at 3:20 P.M.

On the 10th an ultimatum was sent to Toulba Pasha, the military commandant, intimating that the bombardment would commence at sunrise on the following morning unless the batteries on the isthmus of Ras-el-Tin and the southern shore of the harbour of Alexandria were previously surrendered for the purpose of disarming.

Two uncles on the father's side having settled in America, he visited Maryland in 1763, with the view, it is said, of assisting to recover a tract of land of some extent about which a dispute had arisen, and was in this way induced to commence practice as a lawyer at Baltimore, where for a time he met with much success.

The expedition was to commence with a campaign against the Turcomans Herat being its later destination.

Mack on the 8th had determined to commence his withdrawal, but fortune now favoured the French.

Presbyopia is arbitrarily said to commence at the age of forty, because it is then that the need of spectacles for reading is generally felt; but it appears later in myopia and earlier in hypermetropia.

We commence with processes, and see what they lead to; and thus get an idea of sums and differences.