Sentence Examples with the word COME

What we come twenty thousand miles to get is worth saving, sir.

I listened until the silence below was interrupted by conversation and called loudly for the others to come up.

Who is the chief producer and also the chief customer, knows little of the great towns, and expects the dealer to come to his own door.

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Antigonus Gonatas, bluff soldier-spirit that he was, heard the Stoic philosophers gladly, and, though he failed to induce Zeno to come to Macedonia, persuaded Zeno's disciple, Persaeus of Citium, to enter his service.

According to Portio Research7.8 trillion SMS messages were sent in 2011, and it is expected that 2012's number will come in at ten trillion.

On the latter occasion he appointed C. C. Moreno, who had come to Honolulu in the interest of a Chinese steamship company, as Premier and minister of foreign affairs.

He received the brevets of major for Cerro Gordo, lieut.- colonel for Contreras-Churubusco and colonel for Chapultepec. After the war he was employed in engineer work at Washington and Baltimore, during which time, as before the war, he resided on the great Arlington estate, near Washington, which had come to him through his wife.

Strabo himself talks of Armoric Heneti, and supposes them to have come from the neighbourhood of Brittany; another theory gives us Sarmatian Heneti, from the Baltic provinces; while the most widely accepted view was that they reached Italy from Paphlagonia.

But I am afraid you cannot come to Tuscumbia; so I will write to you, and send you a sweet kiss and my love.

She laughed, but ended the conversation It was the closest they'd ever come to an honest discussion.