Sentence Examples with the word COMBAT

In January 1871, Le Combat was suppressed, only to be followed by an equally virulent Vengeur.

He was the founder and head of the Evangelical Union established to combat the aggressive tendencies of the Roman Catholics.

A combat which took place, at Mount Jackson, during the pursuit, again ended successfully, and the triumphant Federals retired down the Valley, ruthlessly destroying everything which might be of the slightest value to the enemy.

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In 1814 the locality was the scene of a stubborn combat between the French and the Allies.

Bismarck coquetted with him as the representative of a force that might help him to combat the Prussian liberals; in 1878, in a speech before the Reichstag, he spoke of him with deep respect, as a man of the greatest amiability and ability from whom much could be learned.

In 1125 the Church in the south of Russia had to combat another heresiarch named Dmitri.

This struggle between spiritual and secular powers, owing to the tremendous sensation which it created throughout Christendom, showed the nations that at the head of the Church there was a great force for justice, always able to combat iniquity and oppression, and sometimes to defeat them, however powerful the evil and the tyrants might seem.

He was forced to abandon all attempts at reconquest, but proposed to decide the question by single combat between himself and Peter, to take place at Bordeaux under English protection.

To combat the evil which sways the world...

Driven by Hill from Aire on the 2nd of March 1814, Soult retired by Vic Bigorre, where there was a combat (March 19), and Tarbes, where there was a severe action (March 20), to Toulouse behind the Garonne.