Sentence Examples with the word COM

This page gives an overview of all articles in the 1911 Brittanica which are alphabetized under Com to Con.

In the latter case a court of cassation is provided in the district com mittee for the affairs of the peasants (Uyezdnoe po krestianskim dolam prisutstviye), which has superseded the assembly of arbiters of the peace (mirovye posredniki) established in 1866.3 (W.

Wards, as com pared with the phase they would possess were the central value of the grating interval maintained throughout.

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The vertebrae are stereospondylous, the centrum or body and the arch being com pletely fused into one mass, leaving not even a neuro-central suture.

A good sample will usually have a com position within the limits cited above and approximating to the typical figures given above.

Before com mencing his analysis he adverted to his prede cessors in the same field, i.e.

Hence also the ratio of the com ponents of the velocities of two points A and B in the directions AP and BW respectively, both in the plane of rotation, is equal to the ratio of the perpendiculars Fni and Fn.

The one side are the liberals, divided into moderates and progressives, the representatives to a large extent of the com mercial towns.

The wires are so ad justed by bending that B, at the moment when it is opposite A, com municates with the ball D, and A communicates with C through GH; and half a revolution later C, when B comes opposite to it, communicates with the ball D through the contact of K with F.

The gas which is obtained by the destructive distillation of coal, and which we employ as our chief illuminant, is not a definite com pound, but a mechanical mixture of several gases, some Gaseous .