Sentence Examples with the word COLONUS

The Hephaesteum, the so-called Theseum, is situated on a slight eminence, probably the Colonus Agoraeus, to the west of the Agora.

Conspicuous feature is the broad line of dark green along its western side, formed by the olive-groves of Colonus and the gardens of the Academy, which owe their fertility to the waters of the Cephisus.

In the deme of Colonus he was worshipped with Athena, the reputed inventor of the bridle.

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The Roman colonus was originally a free person who took land on lease, contracting to pay to the proprietor either a fixed sum annually or (when a colonus partiarius) a certain proportion of the produce of the farm.

But the point which is important is that there was a certain approximation between the condition of the colonus and the slave which tended towards the fusion of both in a single class.

The children of a colonus were fixed in the same status.

The colonus could possess property of his own, but 'could not alienate it without the consent of the master.

By a law of Anastasius, at the end of the 5th century, a colonus who had voluntarily come into an estate was by a tenure of thirty years for ever attached to it.

The colonus often occupied a servile mansus, and the slave a mansus originally appropriated to a colonus.