Sentence Examples with the word COLLEGIATE CHURCH

The buildings of the university occupy the site of the ancient collegiate church of St.

The collegiate church at Dammartin was founded by him in 1480, and his tomb and effigy are in the chancel.

The ancient collegiate church of San Maximo occupies the traditional site of a cathedral founded by the Visigothic king Reccared about 600, and afterwards converted into a mosque.

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During the establishment of Episcopacy in Scotland, Edinburgh was the seat of a bishop, and the ancient collegiate church of St Giles rose to the dignity of a cathedral.

JOHN FISHER (c. 1469-1535), English cardinal and bishop of Rochester, born at Beverly, received his first education at the collegiate church there.

High, is a landmark for sailors, dates only from 1819, but occupies the site of what was probably the first collegiate church in Scotland, and contains the large marble monument to Sir George Home, created earl of Dunbar and March by James VI.

At the Domesday Survey much of the land was still uncultivated, but its prosperity increased, and in 126 9 each of the twelve prebends of the collegiate church had a house and farmland within the parish.

John Clayton, afterwards chaplain of the Collegiate Church of Manchester, who remained a strong High Churchman; James Hervey, author of Meditations among the Tombs, and Theron and Aspasio; Benjamin Ingham, who became the Yorkshire evangelist; and Thomas Broughton, afterwards secretary of the S.P.C.K., were members of the Holy Club, and George Whitefield joined it on the eve of the Wesleys' departure for Georgia.

Queen Adelaide vistied Malta in 1838 and founded the Anglican collegiate church of St Paul.

And his queen, which is believed to have formed the altar-piece of the collegiate church of the Holy Trinity, founded by the widowed queen of James II.