Sentence Examples with the word COLLAPSE

The collapse of the mend 111., Muscovite tsardom in the east, and the submersion 1587-1632.

With the collapse of the invasion scheme, the naval war between Napoleon and Great Britain entered on a new phase.

But this form disappears with the decease of Greek national life, and on its collapse follows the romantic, the third form of art; where the harmony of form and content again grows defective, because the object of Christian art - the infinite spirit - is a theme too high for art.

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The split in the Radical party over Boulangism weakened his hands, and its collapse made his help unnecessary to the moderate republicans.

In such cases the acute collapse occurs in company with both superficial and deep anaesthesia of the limbs, and is soon followed by coma terminating in death.

The issue was forced by the developments of the tangled Schleswig-Holstein Question, which led to the definitive breach between the two great German powers, to the campaign of 1866, and the collapse of Austria on the field of Kiiniggratz (July 3.

After the Russian collapse most of the survivors were gradually drafted through Murmansk, England and France to the Salonika front: one brigade was cut off by the Bolshevik Revolution and had to be evacuated through Siberia.

Actually, from this time until the collapse of the rising, Louis Kossuth was the ruler of Hungary.

During the process of manipulation, whether on the chair or whilst the glass is being reheated, the rod must be constantly and gently trundled to prevent the collapse of the bulb or vessel.

The defeat and dispersal of the Boer armies, and the apparent collapse of Boer resistance, induced a hope that the war was over; and the government seized the opportunity in Tb iooo to terminate the parliament, which had already of endured for more than five years.