Sentence Examples with the word COLD BLOOD

This case was a twelve year old girl, shot in cold blood as she sat alone at the poolside of her California home.

The details of the fighting and of the atrocities may be found related in cold blood by Timur himself in the Malfuzat-i-Timuri, which has been translated in Elliot's History of India as told by its own Historians, vol.

Right, because killing in cold blood isn.t something a Council member does.

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One of these, a young man named Thomas Scott, having treated Riel with defiance, was court-martialled for treason to the provisional government, condemned, and on the 4th of March 1870, shot in cold blood under the walls of Fort Garry.

She suddenly felt foolish thinking that Guardian, a man trained to kill, wouldn't kill in cold blood or wouldn't succumb to any other vices.

While she despised the man, her feelings still lacked a motive to sever his rope in cold blood and watch him plummet down to the rocks and churning river below.

He killed his wives in cold blood after they gave birth to his sons, until he tangled with the demoness that was Rhyn's mother.

It was the symbol of the enforcer of the Council That Was Seven, the only of the seven brothers sanctioned to kill in cold blood on behalf of the Council and Immortals.