Sentence Examples with the word COERCION

In the winter of1596-1597Francis was at Turin, and at his suggestion the duke decided on a regular plan for the coercion of the refractory Protestants.

But the revolt of Eastern Rumelia, followed by the Servo-Bulgarian War and the coercion of Greece by the powers, embittered the rivalry of the various races, and the project was laid aside.

The coercion of Spain resulted in a peace by which Charles obtained Sicily in exchange for Sardinia.

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Violent efforts of coercion Eliza.

The imprisonment of suspects under the Coercion Act had not the expected result, and outrages were incessant, the agitation being supported by constant supplies of money from America.

Greece being a state under the joint protection of three powers, Russia and France protested against its coercion by the British fleet, and the French ambassador temporarily left London, which promptly led to the termination of the affair.

The tsar consented, and proposed that the coercion should take the form of a pacific blockade of the Morea, so as to force Ibrahim, by cutting off his supplies, to evacuate the country.

Again the Thebans refused to renounce their Boeotian hegemony, and the Spartan attempt at coercion ended in the defeat of the Spartan army at the battle of Leuctra and the death of its leader, King Cleombrotus.

Once again, this change was not imposed on people through coercion but came (and still comes) gradually through civilization.

The terms offered in an imperial proclamation were rejected, and preparations were made to resist coercion by the levee en masse of a national army.