Sentence Examples with the word COEFFICIENT

The binomial theorem gives a formula for writing down the coefficient of any stated term in the expansion of any stated power of a given binomial.

If the two materials are disposed symmetrically, the amount of load carried by each would be in direct proportion to the coefficient of elasticity and inversely as the moment of inertia of the cross section.

Its advantages rest on its high density and mobility; its main disadvantages are its liability to decomposition, the originally colourless liquid becoming dark owing to the separation of iodine, and its high coefficient of expansion.

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But the temperature coefficient of conductivity is now generally less than before; thus the effect of temperature on ionization must be of opposite sign to its effect on fluidity.

The simplest assumption which suffices to express the small deviations of gases and vapours from the ideal state at moderate pressures is that the coefficient a in the expression for the capillary pressure varies inversely as some power of the absolute temperature.

The elementary idea of a differential coefficient is useful in reference to the logarithmic and exponential series.

Given the ballistic coefficient C, the initial velocity V, and a range of R yds.

The coefficient of friction is a variable quantity depending upon the state of the rails, but is usually taken to be This is the fundamental equation between the forces acting, however the torque may be applied.

The Resistance R Could Be Deduced From A Knowledge Of The Temperature Of The Calorimeter And The Coefficient Of The Wire.

The total pressure exerted between the rubbing surfaces is the resultant of the normal pressure and of the friction, and its obliquity, or inclination to the common perpendicular of the surfaces, is the angle of repose formerly mentioned in 14, whose tangent is the coefficient of friction.