Sentence Examples with the word CODEX

This work was completed in a few months; and in November 534 the revised Codex (Codex repetitae praelectionis) was promulgated with the force of law, prefaced by a constitution (Cordi nobis) which sets forth its history, and declares it to be alone authoritative, the former Codex being abrogated.

About the same time the emperor placed Tribonian at the head of a fourth commission, consisting of himself as chief and four others - Dorotheus, professor at Beyrut, and three practising advocates, who were directed to revise and re-edit the first Codex of imperial constitutions.

Accordingly another commission was appointed, consisting of Tribonian with four other coadjutors, full power being given them not only to incorporate the new constitutions with the Codex and make in it the requisite changes, but also to revise the Codex generally, cutting down or filling in wherever they thought it necessary to do so.

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Far more simple is a small map of the world of the 8th century found in a codex in the library of Albi, an archiepiscopal seat in the department of Tarn.

T maps of more elaborate design illustrate the MS. copies of Sallust's Bellum jugurthinum; one of these taken from a codex of the 11th century in the Leipzig town library is shown in fig.

Gerbert, Codex epistolaris Rudolph I.

This is found in three recensions: (I) in A B, o; (2) in codices 19, 108 (Lucian's text); (3) in codex 58, the source of the old Latin and Syriac.

For an account of the historian George Fejer, the laborious compiler of the Codex Diplomaticus, see Fejer.

Adopting the profession of an advocate, he came to Constantinople and practised in the prefectural courts there, reaching such eminence as to attract the notice of the emperor Justinian, who appointed him in 528 one of the ten commissioners directed to prepare the first Codex of imperial constitutions.

Far greater interest attaches to the so-called AngloSaxon Map of the World in the British Museum (Cotton MSS.), where it is bound up in a codex which also contains a copy of the Periegesis of Priscianus.