Sentence Examples with the word COACHING

Its situation at the junction of two great roads from the west of England made it an important coaching station, and some Soo coaches formerly passed through it daily.

The meeting of roads from Bath, Frome, Shaftesbury and Salisbury made Warminster a busy coaching centre.

The town is on the Great North Road, on which it was formerly an important coaching station.

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His thoughts returned to the Watcher, and he wondered just how many of his problems were caused by traitors influenced somehow by the beings coaching Czerno.

The highways of England, the old coaching roads, are among the best in the world, being generally of a beautiful smoothness and well maintained; they vary, naturally, in different districts, but in many even the local roads are superior to some main roads in other countries.

Marlborough, from its position on the Great Bath Road, was a famous coaching centre.

The town was an important coaching centre, and there was a large local industry in the manufacture of whips.

Those coaching Czerno are shifting the future daily.

They're coaching him, the Watcher said softly.

It is a centre for coaching in summer, especially to and through the Vale of Llangollen.