Sentence Examples with the word CO-ORDINATE

A physicist, however, does more than merely quantitatively determine specific properties of matter; he endeavours to establish mathematical laws which co-ordinate his observations, and in many cases the equations expressing such laws contain functions or terms which pertain solely to the chemical composition of matter.

The legislature (Standeversammlung) is bicameral - the constitution of the co-ordinate chambers being finally settled by a law of 1868 amending the enactment of 1831.

Man is running or not running; and reasoning is a combination of judgments: conversely, there is a mental analysis of reasoning into judgments, and judgment into conceptions, beneath the linguistic analysis of rational discourse into propositions, and propositions into terms. Logic, according to this new school, which has by our time become an old school, has to co-ordinate these three operations, direct them, and, beginning with conceptions, combine conceptions into judgments, and judgments into inference, which thus becomes a complex combination of conceptions, or, in modern parlance, an extension of our ideas.

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The incorporation of singers and porters is indeed a late process, but it is typical of the tendency to co-ordinate all the religious classes (see Genealogy: Biblical).

In these works he made an attempt to co-ordinate thought and action.

Tallahassee is the seat of the Florida Female College, co-ordinate with the State University for men, and the State Normal and Industrial School (for negroes), an agricultural and mechanical college.

It is readily seen that if the optical system be symmetrical, the origins of the co-ordinate systems collinear with the optical axis Object J Barrel shaped Cushion shaped Distorted image FIG.

The arid nature of the trans-Caspian deserts has proved an insuperable obstacle to those rigorous methods of geodetic survey which distinguish Russian methods in Europe, so that Russian geography in central Asia is dependent on other means than that of direct measurement for the co-ordinate values in latitude and longitude for any given point.

RIGHT ASCENSION, in astronomy, that co-ordinate of a heavenly body defined by the angle which the meridian passing through it makes with the prime meridian through the vertical equinox (see Astronomy).

His jurisdiction has become, in fact, not subordinate to, but co-ordinate with that of the bishop. Yet, so far as orders were concerned, he remained a deacon; and if archdeacons were often priests, this was because priests who were members of chapters were appointed to the office.