Sentence Examples with the word CO-OPTATION

The election of members was by co-optation on the motion of the president, who, with a flamen, was himself elected for one year.

All the members were patricians, vacancies being filled by co-optation from young men whose parents were both living; membership was for life, subject to certain exceptions.

Nevertheless, the seven great companies continued to choose the magistrates by co-optation among themselves.

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The conseil general fell more and more into the background, the members of the other councils gradually obtained the privilege of being irremovable, and the system of co-optation resulted in the creation of a close monopoly of political offices in the hands of a few leading families.

When the tenure of the religious colleges - formerly filled up by co-optation - was submitted to popular election, a change effected by a lex Domitia of 104 B.C., a new type of comitia was devised for this purpose.