Sentence Examples with the word CLUB

The Centro Asturiano, a club with a membership of some ten or fifteen thousand (not limited to Asturians), 1 Renamed Paseo de Marti by the republic, but the name is never used.

The members accidentally discovered that the fear of it had a great influence over the lawless but superstitious blacks, and soon the club expanded into a great federation of regulators, absorbing numerous local bodies that had been formed in the absence of civil law and partaking of the nature of the old English neighbourhood police and the ante-bellum slave patrol.

About 1748 he began to take an important part in the affairs of the town, and became a leader in the debates of a political club which he was largely instrumental in organizing, and to whose weekly publication, the Public Advertiser, he contributed numerous articles.

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The city contains a large number of handsome edifices, both public and private, among which are the Bolsa, Government House, municipal hall, cathedral, Cabildo, Hospital de Caridad, insane asylum, Italian hospital, Teatro Solis, Athenaeum, and the Club Uruguayo.

Stevenson for the Roxburghe Club (1849).

In 1910), and the Woman's Institute (1880) and the Hollywood Inn Club (1897; for working-men) have small libraries.

It's all the Club and his easygoing nature.

In summer the club met at the Upper Flask, Hampstead Heath.

There are fine hotels, club houses and cottages, and the Palmetto Golf Links near the city are probably the finest in the southern states; fox-hunting, polo, tennis and shooting are among the popular sports.

An unsuccessful attempt was also made to expel him from the Union League Club of New York.