Sentence Examples with the word CLOUGH

It was at his suggestion and with his help that Miss Clough opened a house of residence for students; and when this had developed into Newnham College, and in 1880 the North Hall was added, Mr Sidgwick, who had in 1876 married Eleanor Mildred Balfour (sister of A.

David Marston Clough Democrat-Populist1899-1901Republican1901-1905Samuel R.

ANNE JEMIMA CLOUGH (1820-1892), English educationalist, was born at Liverpool on the 20th of January 1820, the daughter of a cotton merchant.

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Giving this up some ten years later, she lived for a time with the widow of her brother Arthur Hugh Clough - who had died in 1861 - in order that she might educate his children.

See Memoir of Anne Jemima Clough, by Blanche Athena Clough (1897).

Two portraits of Miss Clough are at Newnham College, one by Sir W.

At Cambridge, Miss Clough was chosen as its first principal.