Sentence Examples with the word CLEMENTINES

That on the Liber Sextus is due to the famous Joannes Andreae (c. 1340); and the one which he began for the Clementines was finished later by Cardinal Zabarella (d.

As for the allusions, more or less indirect, to St Paul behind the figure of Simon, as the arch-enemy of the truth - allusions which first directed attention to the Clementines in the last century - there can be no doubt as to their presence, but only as to their origin and the degree to which they are so meant in Homilies and Recognitions.

In the Clementines Simon by his magic imposes his own personal appearance upon Faustus, the father of Clement.

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The Clementines leave room for this development.

The mention of Helen in the Clementines stamps them as later than the Great Declaration, in which, to all appearance, her story originates.

With Schmiedel's contention that there are passages in the Clementines which are aimed at Paul, we entirely agree.

But to push the equation of St Paul with Simon Magus further than we are forced to by the facts of the case is to lose sight of the real character of the Clementines as the counterblast of Jewish to Samaritan Gnosticism and to obscure the greatness of Simon of Gitta, who was really the father of all heresy, a character which has been erroneously attributed to Simon Magus.