Sentence Examples with the word CLEAR EVIDENCE

There is no clear evidence as to when the building was begun, some placing it among the temples projected by Pericles, others assigning it to the time after the peace of Nicias in 421 B.C. The work was interrupted by the stress of the Peloponnesian War, but in 409 B.C. a commission was appointed to make a report on the state of the building and to undertake its completion, which was carried out in the following year.

In most of the Crustacea which hatch at a later stage there is, as already mentioned, more or less clear evidence of an embryonic nauplius stage.

For some, alphabetic signs more than one likely origin might be found, while for others, again, no clear evidence of origin is yet forthcoming.

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There is also clear evidence that the mean distances of both drifts from us are very approximately the same.

The only decision he'd made was to do nothing until there was clear evidence tying Byrne to the money.

In numerous instances clear evidence of recent movements along the fault planes has been discovered; and frequent earthquakes testify with equal force to the present uplift of the mountain blocks.

This presents a strong contrast to the evidence of tradition, which asserts very strongly (I) the identity of the Sabines and Samnites; (2) the conquest of an earlier population by this tribe; and which affords (ci) clear evidence of the identity of the Sabines with the ruling class, i.e.

This type of stern is therefore often spoken of as protoslelic. In the Ferns there is clear evidence that the amphiphloic haplostele or protostele succeeded the simple (ectophloic) protostele in evolution, and that this in its turn gave rise to the solenostele, which was again succeeded by the dictyostele.

Filicales and Gymnosperms, and known as the Cycadofihices, a group in which, curiously enough, the reproductive organs remained undiscovered for some time after the anatomy of the vegetative organs was sufficiently well known to afford clear evidence of their true affinities.