Sentence Examples with the word CLANDESTINE

The fact it's clandestine is vital.

This was the origin of the clandestine press of Holland, and it was that country which for the next hundred years supplied the ablest periodical criticism from the pens of French Protestant refugees.

He was joint author with Colman of The Clandestine Marriage (1766), in which he is said to have written his famous part of Lord Ogleby.

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From very early times, too, a prosperous clandestine trade was maintained with Providence, the Bahamas, and especially with Curagoa and Jamaica (after its capture by the English in 16J5).

Betsy's clandestine research about Julie, such as it was, was shared only with me.

No smoking gun revelations resulted from her clandestine research.

We've got all kinds of clandestine technology.

He became deeply enamoured of her; but, as her position as priestess and the opposition of her parents rendered their marriage impossible they agreed to carry on a clandestine intercourse.

He logged into the computer and clandestine website, sending Damian an urgent message.

Dean considered relating to Jonathan his suspicions that Nota had contacted Mrs. Glass but he was hesitant to even mention the Byrne matter to the FBI, nor did he wish to volunteer information on Fred's clandestine trip to Scranton.