Sentence Examples with the word CIRCUMSTANCES

Wellhausen, allowing for the circumstances that he was in a sense their forerunner, and was actually for a time Graf's teacher.

The fifth type of wave detector depends upon the peculiar property of rarefied gases or vapours which under some circumstances possess a unilateral conductivity.

At an early age he showed remarkable aptitude for acquiring languages, but straitened circumstances compelled him to earn his own living.

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Perhaps the converse is more feasible in some circumstances - that is to say, preventing mosquitoes from having access to malarial persons, and so propagating the parasite in themsevles.

The constitution authorizes the formation of a militia (7roXerocvXaKr)) to be enrolled by conscription, but in existing circumstances the embodiment of this force seems unnecessary.

On the 23rd of June La Marmora crossed Minclo, and on the 24th a battle was fought at Custozza, ler circumstances highly disadvantageous to the Italians, ich after a stubborn contest ended in a crushing Austrian tory.

All parts of matter are capable of developing into all forms; thus the materials of the table and chair may under proper circumstances be developed to the life of the plant or of the animal.

Owing to the very rapid movement and the consequent increased rate of transmission of heat, the pipes and radiators may be reduced in size, in many circumstances a very desirable thing to achieve.

Some of the larger villages - notably Bethlehem - which have always been leavened by Christianity, and with the development of industry have become comparatively prosperous, show tangible results of these happier circumstances in a higher standard of physique among the men and of personal appearance among the women.

The question of the legality of reservation was brought before the two archbishops in 1899, under circumstances analogous to those in the Lambeth Hearing on Incense.