Sentence Examples with the word CIRCA

In this connexion, however, as well as on other grounds, it is a significant fact that within twenty years or so after the death of Justin, which probably occurred circa A.D.

This theory makes a fundamental distinction between the supreme jurisdiction in ecclesiastical matters (Kirchenhoheit or jus circa sacra), which it conceives as inherent in the power of the state in respect of every religious communion, and the ecclesiastical power (Kirchengewalt or jus in sacra) inherent in the church, but in some cases vested in the state by tacit or expressed consent of the ecclesiastical body.

The earliest mercurial pump, devised by Swedenborg and described in his Miscellanea observata circa yes naturales (1722), was statical in action, consisting essentially in replacing the solid piston of the mechanical pump by a column of mercury, which by being alternately raised and lowered gradually exhausted a vessel.

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Gauss in his memoir Disquisitiones generales circa series infcnitas (1816), but in a very different manner.

The melancholy of the song is a hint of the Joni circa Urge For Going period.

See C. Cipolla, Note bibliografiche circa l'odierna condizione degli studi critici sul testo delle opere di Paolo Diacono (Venice, 1901); the Atti e memorie del congresso storico tenuto in Cividale (Udine, Two); F.

The more important of his works are: Judaeus christianizans - circa principia fidei et SS.

Sala, Documenti circa la vita e la gesta di Borromeo (4 vols., Milan, 1857-1859); Chanoine Silvain, Histoire de St Charles Borromee (Milan, 1884); and A.

An examination of these documents shows the possessions of Dirk as in Westflinge et circa oras Rheni, i.e.

Aimoin, who died about ioio, must be distinguished from Aimoin, a monk of St Germain-des-Pres, who wrote De miraculis sancti Germani, and a fragment De Normanorum gestis circa Parisiacam urbem et de divin g in eos ultione tempore Caroli calvi.