Sentence Examples with the word CF

The reserve artillery consisted cf 23 batteries and Stuart's cavalry corps of 3 000 sabres.

Among the more abundant plants are nucules cf several species of Chara, and drifted fruits and seeds of water-lilies, of Folliculites (now generally referred to Stratiotes) and of Limnocarpus (allied to Potamogeton); there is little else mixed with these.

Consider, for example, a frame whose sides form the six sides of a hexagon ABCDEF and the three diagonals AD, BE, CF; and suppose that it is required to find the stress in CF due to a given system of extraneous forces in equilibrium, acting on the joints.

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In the controversy between Walter Travers and Richard Hooker he interposed by prohibiting the preaching cf the former; and he moreover presented Hooker with the rectory of Boscombe in Wiltshire, in order to afford him more leisure to complete his Ecclesiastical Polity, a work which, however, cannot be said to represent either Whitgift's theological or his ecclesiastical standpoint.

Imagine the bar CF to be removed, and consider a deformation in which AB is fixed.

In course cf time they formed a valuable counterpoise to the Dutch colonists, and they now constitute the most progressive element in the colony.

It is worse than useless to apply drastic remedies if the main facts cf the, lifehistory of the pest are not known; e.g.

By statute in some states, upon absence cf one spouse from the state for five years without being heard of, the other may marry again without committing bigamy, in other states the period is seven years.

The mountains both in Victoria and New South Wales were snow-capped, and glaciers flowed down their flanks and laid down Carboniferous glacial deposits, which are still preserved in basins that flank the mountain ranges, such as the famous conglomerates of Bacchus Marsh, Heathcote and the Loddon valley in Victoria, and cf Branxton and other localities in New South Wales.

To construct the parabola when the focus and directrix are given, draw the axis CD and bisect CF at G, which gives the vertex.