Sentence Examples with the word CENT

Rlier course of the war was unfavourable to Otto, whose pos tion was weakened by the death of Richard of England inkpril 1199; but his cause began to improve when Pope Inn cent III.

Luce, La France pendant la guerre de cent ans; G.

Calculating roundly a cent as equal to a halfpenny, and eight bushels to the quarter, the above would appear in English currency as follows: Chicago to New York in Shillings and Pence per Quarter.

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The entire work of unloading, storing and reloading adds only one cent to the price of a bushel of wheat.

The latest year given, the rate had declined to 870 of a cent per ton per mile.

The light dues were reduced in 1898 from 22 cents to 1 cent per ton.

A new street car company began operations on the 1st of November 1906, charging a 3 cent fare.

Luce, La France pendant la guerre de Cent Ans (1890), vol.

Denifle's La Desolation des eglises, monasteres et hopitaux en France pendant la guerre de cent ans.

Et les cent fours a Gand (1898).