Sentence Examples with the word CD

The instantaneous centre of CD will be at the intersection of AD, BC, and if CD be drawn parallel to CD, the lines CC, DD may be taken to represent the virtual velocities of C, D turned each through B a right angle.

The links AB and CD are equal in length and are centred respectively at A and C. The ends D and B are joined by a link DB.

This is the axis of the required screw; the amount of the translation is measured by the projection of AB or BC or CD on the axis; and the angle of rotation is given, by the inclination of the aforesaid bisectors.

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To explain this result, chemists suppose that both changes can occur simultaneously, and that equilibrium results when the rate at which AB and CD are transformed into AD and CB is the same as the rate at which the reverse change goes on.

Let the distance between the parallel planes through AB and CD be h, and let a plane at distance x from the plane through AB cut the edges AC, up -f- .

Russia and China's proposal is that an Ad Hoc Committee in the CD would first have a research and not a negotiating mandate.

In elliptic harmonic motion the velocity of P is parallel and proportional to the semi-diameter CD which is conjugate to the radius CP; the hodograph is therefore an ellipse similar to the actual orbit.

The line CD passing through the focus and perpendicular to the directrix is the axis or principal diameter, and meets the curve in the vertex G.

Electric potential.3 If in the annexed diagram AB CD represents the metallic plate through which the current of electricity or heat flows in the E.

Of 6a 5 bc 2 and 12a 4 b 2 cd we mean the H.C.F.