Sentence Examples with the word CB

The general principle on which the method of drawing an acceleration diagram depends is that if a link CB (fig.

If AC and CB are each less than half the circumference of a disk the pressure on C will increase on the side of A and diminish on the side of B.

If two solutions containing the salts AB and CD be mixed, double decomposition is found to occur, the salts AD and CB being formed till a certain part of the first pair of substances is transformed into an equivalent amount of the second pair.

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Three oxides of columbium are certainly known, namely the dioxide, Cb202, the tetroxide, Cb 2 0 4, and the pentoxide, Cb 2 0 5, whilst a fourth oxide, columbium trioxide, Cb203, has been described by E.

The line cb has been called the velocsty image of the rod, since it may be looked upon as a scale drawing of the rod turned through 90 from the actual rod.

Let a frame consist of the five members AB, BD, DC, CA, CB (fig.

If the current flows from A to B there will be heat absorbed in AC and evolved in CB by the Thomson effect, if the specific heat of electricity in AB is positive as in copper.

Or, put in another way, if the link CB is drawn to scale on the new length cb in the velocity diagram (fig.

Any error of this kind will merely affect the form of the frame; if, however, another member be introduced between A and D, then if BC be shortened AD will be strained so as to extend it, and the four other members will be compressed; if G CB is lengthened AD will thereby be compressed, and the four other members extended; if the workman does not make CB and AD of exactly the right length they and all the members will be permanently strained.

To explain this result, chemists suppose that both changes can occur simultaneously, and that equilibrium results when the rate at which AB and CD are transformed into AD and CB is the same as the rate at which the reverse change goes on.