Sentence Examples with the word CASTRUM

Near the site of the modern Marlborough (Merleberge, Marieberge) was originally a Roman castrum called Cunetio, and later there was a Norman fortress in which William I.

On the site now occupied by the town there was a Roman camp, the castrum Tiberii, and the authentic records of Lindau date back to the end of the 9th century, when it was known as Lintowa.

We find it under the name of Castrum Felicitatis at the end of the 8th century.

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The 10th and 23rd Roman legions had their station here, and on the ruins of their castrum the Frankish mayors of the palace built a castle.

He based his teaching on the Gospels and the Epistles of Paul, repudiating other scriptures; and taking the Pauline name of Silvanus, organized churches in Castrum Colonias and Cibossa, which he called Macedonia, after Paul's congregation of that 1 In the Armenian Letterbook of the Patriarchs (Tiflis, 1901), p. 73.

VIA SALARIA, an ancient highroad of Italy, which ran from Rome by Reate and Asculum to Castrum Truentinum (Porto d'Ascoli) on the Adriatic coast, a distance of 151 m.

A branch ran to Interamna Praetuttiorum (Teramo) and thence probably to the sea at Castrum Novum (Giulianova), a distance of about 151 m.

The history of Tournai dates from the time of Julius Caesar, when it was called civitas Nerviorum or castrum Turnacum.

Segesvar was founded by Saxon colonists at the end of the r 2th century; its Latin name was Castrum Sex.

Attacks on Syracuse failed; so did attacks on Henna - Castrum Ennae, 829-1060.