Sentence Examples with the word CASSATION

A commercial tribunal, a court of appeal and the court of cassation are also in Belgrade.

After the close of the National Assembly he was nominated one of the judges of the newly instituted court of cassation from October 1791 to September 1792.

Appeal to the Rome court of cassation is admitted against all penal and civil sentences.

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It was not till the Cour de Cassation ordered a further investigation, and on the 12th of July 1906 decided that his conviction had been based on a forgery and that Dreyfus was innocent, that the agitation came to a final conclusion.

He was placed in the office of the conventionel Jean Mailhe, who was advocate before the council of state and the court of cassation and was proscribed at the second.

The courts of appeal and cassation, too, often have more than they can do; in the year 1907 the court of cassation at Rome decided 948 appeals on points of law in civil cases, while no fewer than 460 remained to be decided.

At all events, the whole court of cassation decided that there must be a new court-martial, and M.

In 1865 the court of cassation was founded.

Any appeal from the departmental courts is brought before the appeal courts of Bucharest, Craiova, Galatz or Jassy; and thence, if necessary, to the supreme tribunal, or court .of cassation (Curtea de Casatie), which sits in Bucharest.

The Cour de Cassation has a peculiar judicial sphere.