Sentence Examples with the word CARBON

The contents of the third box, being mostly composed of slaked lime, take up sulphuretted hydrogen forming calcium sulphide, and practically remove the remaining impurities, the outlet gas showing 20 grains of sulphuretted hydrogen and 8 grains of carbon disulphide per Ioo cub.

Rhombic sulphur may be obtained artificially by slowly crystallizing a solution of sulphur in carbon bisulphide, or, better, by exposing pyridine saturated with sulphuretted hydrogen to atmospheric oxidation (Ahrens, Ber., 1890, 23, p. 2708).

Extraction by means o carbon bisulphide was first introduced in 1843 by Jesse Fisher of Birmingham.

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By the action of bromine and alcoholic potash on the amides,, they are converted into amines containing one carbon atom less than the original amide, a reaction which possesses great.

Pseudopelletierine (methyl granatonine), C9H15N0, an alkaloid of the pomegranate, is a derivative of cyclo-octane, and resembles tropine in that it contains a nitrogen bridge between two carbon atoms. It is an inactive base, and also has ketonic properties.

Carbon is detected by the formation of carbon dioxide, which turns lime-water milky, and hydrogen by the formation of water, which condenses on the tube, when the substance is heated with copper oxide.

She had knives and the guns with carbon fiber bullets that she used to kill vamps.

In The Latter Reaction Various Other Compounds, Such As Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Bisulphide And Hydrocyanic Acid, Are Produced.

The behaviour of a drop of carbon bisulphide placed upon clean water is also, at first sight, an exception to Marangoni's rule.

Aluminium, iron, platinum and many other metals may thus take up so much carbon as to become brittle and unforgeable.