Sentence Examples with the word CAPITULATION

The defeat, in 1806 and 1807, of two British expeditions to Buenos Aires and Montevideo, resulting in the capitulation of the English force, gave a great impulse to the self-reliance of the colonists, to whom the credit of the victory entirely belonged.

Milan was invested in 1161, starved into capitulation after nine months resistance, and given up to total destruction by the Italian imperialists of Fredericks army, so stained and tarnished with the vindictive passions of municipal rivalry was even this, the one great glorious strife of Italian annals.

The capitulation of Vilagos, which ended the Hungarian insurrection, gave Schwarzenberg a free hand for completing the work of restoring the status quo ante and the influence of Austria in Germany.

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Their defection, which was terminated by a capitulation in 1621, was not punished severely, but in spite of their attempt to maintain neutrality henceforth they were quite unable to secure peace.

Is said to have lost 90,000 men out of a force of 200,000, the knights evacuated Rhodes under an honourable capitulation (1522).

The battles of Jena and Auerstadt were lost, and the capitulation of Prince Hohenlohe's army was negotiated.

Inform him that the general who signed that capitulation had no right to do so, and that no one but the Emperor of Russia has that right.

Marching against John Frederick, Charles V., aided by Maurice, gained a decisive victory at Miihlberg in April 1547, after which by the capitulation of Wittenberg John Frederick renounced the electoral dignity in favour of Maurice, who also obtained a large part of his kinsman's lands.

This support was purchased by a capitulation s ned by Otto at Neuss, which ratified the independence and de ided the boundaries of the States of the Church, and was the first authentic basis for the practical authority of the pope in c ntral Italy.

The pope who had previously recognized the victorious Philip, hastened to return to the side of Otto; the capitulation of Neuss was renewed and large concessions were made to the church.