Sentence Examples with the word CANAL

The Stratford-on-Avon canal communicates with the Warwick and Birmingham canal.

That night the German Seventeenth Army withdrew its two right corps in haste behind the Canal du Nord, where they again faced round for a renewed stand.

The Dnieper and Bug canal in Grodno connects the Mukhavets, a tributary of the Bug, with the Pina in the basin of the Pripet, that is, the Dnieper with the Vistula.

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The measures by which the government of India chiefly endeavours to reduce the liability of the country to famine are the promotion of railways; the extension of canal and well irrigation; the reclamation of waste lands, with the establishment of fuel and fodder reserves; the introduction of agricultural improvements; the multiplication of industries; emigration; and finally the improvement where necessary of the revenue and rent systems. In times of famine the function of the railways in distributing the grain is just as important as the function of the irrigation-canals in increasing the amount grown.

The Ibrahimia canal is skirted by a magnificent embankment planted with shady trees leading from the river to the town.

The Bega canal runs from Temesvar to Nagy-Becskerek, and thence to Titel, where it flows into the Theiss.

There are no alimentary canal or specialized organs for circulation or for respiration.

Morse and Gale, who assisted him, found, however, that the distance of the plates up and down the canal must be at least three or four times the width of the canal to obtain successful results.

The first objective assigned to be captured by the divisions in line included the Hindenburg system on both banks of the canal and the Hindenburg reserve line a mile to the E.; once these had been secured the supporting divisions were to pass through and carry the last line of defence, the MasnieresBeaurevoir line, between the latter village and Le Tronquoy.

The chief lakes are: Lake Ladoga, of which the northern half belongs to Finland; Saima (three and a half times larger than Lake Leman), whose outlet, the Vuoksen, flows into Lake Ladoga, forming the mighty Imatra rapids, while the lake itself is connected by means of a sluiced canal with the Gulf of Finland; the basins of Pyha-selka, Ori-vesi and Piellis-jarvi; Pajane, surrounded by hundreds of smaller lakes, and the waters of which are discharged into the lower gulf through the Kymmene river; Nasi-jarvi and Pyha-jarvi, whose outflow is the Kumo-elf, flowing into the Gulf of Bothnia; Ulea-trask, discharged by the Ulea into the same gulf; and Enare, belonging to the basin of the Arctic Ocean.