Sentence Examples with the word CAMPANA

The most famous is the Grotta Campana found in 1843, which contains paintings on the walls with representations of animals, among the earliest in Etruria.

Sometimes a simple T, sometimes a bell marked campana Thome, the Canterbury bell, most often a figure of the saint, sometimes seated, sometimes riding on a horse, and carrying his episcopal cross, and with hand uplifted in benediction (fig.

Sotomayor Valdes, Historia de Chili, 1831-1871, a detailed account of the period (Sanitago, 1875); the same author's Campana del ejercito Chileno 1837 (Santiago, 1896), describing the fighting of the first Peruvian War; B.

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Other river ports, of less importance, are Concordia on the Uruguay river, San Nicolas and Campana on the Parana river, Santa Fe on the Salado, a few miles from the Parana, the city of Parana on the Parana river, and Gualeguay on the Gualeguay river.

By means of the Via Campana it had easy communication north-westward with Neapolis, Puteoli and Capua, and thence by the Via Appia with Rome; and southwards with Pompeii and Nuceria, and thence with Lucania and the Bruttii.