Sentence Examples with the word CADET

Among the most important balloon observations are those by le Cadet (1) F.

In this neighbourhood are the naval wharves and magazines, wet and dry docks, and the naval cadet school of Holland, the name Willemsoord being given to the whole naval establishment.

Edward Berkeley of Pylle in Somerset, head of a cadet line of the Bruton family, married Philippa Speke, whose mother was Joan, daughter of Sir John Portman of Orchard Portman, baronet.

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Von Lambsdorff, director of the 1st cadet corps and exgovernor of Courland, a man of character and wide knowledge, who superintended it for the next fifteen years.

The cadet branch of the house of Frakno, the members of which bear the title of count, was divided into three lines by the sons of Ferencz Esterhazy (1641-1683).

It was plain that this cadet had already repeatedly asked for a lift and been refused.

In 1547 the town was taken from its prince, Wolfgang (a cadet of the house of Anhalt), who had joined the league of Schmalkalden, and given by the emperor Charles V., with the rest of the prince's possessions, to the Spanish general and painter, Felipe Ladron y Guevara (1510-1563), from whom it was, however, soon repurchased.

On the extinction (1218) of that dynasty both castle and town passed to the counts of Kyburg, and from them, with the rest of their possessions, in 1272 by marriage to the cadet line of the Habsburgs.

The latter being without a son, the succession devolved upon Charles Albert, of the cadet line of the princes of Carignano, who were descended from Thomas, youngest son of Charles Emmanuel I.

The eldest of the cadet branches of the ducal house has its origin in William (c. 1510-1573), eldest son of the victor of Flodden by his second marriage.