Sentence Examples with the word C:

Again two forms occur: (i.) modus ponendo tollens which by the affirmation of one alternative denies the other (A is either B or C; A is B; therefore it is not C: or either A is B, or C is D; A is B; therefore C is not D: or either A or B is C; A is C; therefore B is not C); (ii.) modus tollendo ponens which by the denial of the one, establishes the validity of the other alternative (A is either B or C; A is not B; therefore it is C: or either A or B is C; A is not C; therefore B is C: or either A is B, or C is D; A is not B; therefore C is D).

I'C) C: 4.1 A,1 A 1.A O Y 1 t 1 x 1 t)-e1(y FIG.

Class C: Directional relation changing periodically; velocity ratio constant or varying.

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Mesityl oxime, (CH 3) 2 C: CH C(: NOH)CH 3, exists in two modifications.

The spore sown at I I A.M., as shown at a, had swollen (b) perceptibly by noon, and had germinated by 3.30 P.M., as shown at c: in d at 6 P.M., and e at 8.30 P.M.; the resulting filament is segmenting into bacilli as it elongates, and at midnight (f) consisted of twelve such segments.

Thus with hydroxylamine aldehydes yield aldoximes, R CH: N OH, and ketones, ketoximes, R 2 C: N OH (see Oximes), while phenyl hydrazine gives phenylhydrazones, R 2 C:N NH C 6 H 5 (see Hydrazones).

On oxidation with chromic acid they yield dinitrohydrocarbons, and on reduction with hydroxylamine (in alkaline solution) or with potassium sulphydrate give ketoximes, RR': C: NOH (R.

The silver salt as being derived from the tautomeric imidobenzoic acid, C 6 1-1 5 C: (NH) -OH (J.

Stilbene bromide when treated with alcoholic potash gives diphenyl acetylene or tolane, C6H5 C: C CsH5.

N: C OH, CH: N O, C: N OH.