Sentence Examples with the word C C

Io) to be the surface of the sea, b c the bottom, and c c the straight line made by the cable; then, if a hill H, which is at any part steeper than the inclination of the cable, is passed over, the cable touches it at some point t before it touches the part immediately below t, and if the friction between the cable and the ground is sufficient the cable will either break or be left in a long span ready to break at some future time.

Although Earl Grey addressed a circular letter t3 all colonial governments offering them the questionable boon c c transportation, only one, the comparatively new colony of Western Australia, accepted.

The group di, when produced by the disappearance of the intermediate vowel, becomes ur (creure, c red crc; ociure, 0 c c i d e r e; veure, v i d b r e; seure, s e d C r e).

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Chem., 9, p. 405; To, p. Chromic acid oxidizes phenanthrene, first to phenanthrene-quinone, and then to diphenic acid, HO 2 C C 6 H 4 C 6 H 4 C02H.

Hence the resistance of the insulator can be ascertained, since it is expressed in ohms by the ratio of the voltage of the battery in volts to the current through the C C galvanometer in amperes.

On oxidation it yields ortho-carboxy-hydrocinnamic acid, HO 2 C C 6 H 4 CH 2 CH 2 C02H.

The presence of the phenanthrene nucleus and the chain system CH 3 N C C follows from the fact that these alkaloids, by appropriate treatment, yield a substituted phenanthrene and also dimethylaminoethanol (CH3)2N CH2 CH20H.