Sentence Examples with the word Byzantine

At the same time, when viewed from the exterior, the main dome rises large, bold and commanding, with nothing of the squat appearance that mars the dome of St Sophia, with nothing of the petty prettiness of the little domes perched on the drums of the later Byzantine churches.

The chief modern' buildings, such as the Athenaeum, with its Ionic facade and Byzantine dome, are principally on the quays and boulevards, and are constructed of stone.

On special occasions golden bullae were issued by the Byzantine emperors, by the popes, FIG.

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Nicephorus is the author of a valuable compendium (Breviarium historicum) of Byzantine history from 602 to 770, of a meagre Chronologia compendiaria from Adam to the year of his own death.

And as they were under ban from Rome and out of communion with the Byzantine Church the Persian government welcomed them as a political ally, though the religious opposition of the Magi was still largely retained.

The Arabs from Sicily came to eject the Byzantine garrison; they treated the Maltese as friends, and were not sufficiently numerous to colonize.

For the ambitious Moscow princes many of the Byzantine ideas were very acceptable.

He brought out many editions of Latin and Byzantine chroniclers of the middle ages: Ennodius and Flodoard (16ri), Sidonius Apollinaris (1614), the life of St Leo IX.

The Byzantine palace seems to have had twin angle-towers - geminas angulares turres - such as those of the Ca' Molin on the Riva degli Schiavoni, where Petrarch lived.

The origin of the name Baleares is a mere matter of conjecture; it is obvious, however, that the modern Majorca and Minorca are obtained from the Latin Major and Minor, through the Byzantine forms Macoptac and Mcvopuca; while Iviza is plainly the older Ebusus, a name probably of Carthaginian origin.