Sentence Examples with the word Byrne

Just because Byrne might have gotten a quickie two months ago doesn't mean he faked his drowning and skipped.

A picture of Byrne continued to emerge: Mr. Ordinary, homebody, well liked, in a blah job like a million other guys, on a train to nowhere but happy enough to keep chugging along with the ride.

The lieutenant motioned for Dean to follow into his office at the end of the hall where Anderson reiterated the meager details of the Byrne case.

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Mayer added that Byrne was back to work the following day, but made no reference to his absence.

On Sunday, June 6, Randy Byrne graduated from high school.

It was beginning to look more as if Jeffrey Byrne pulled a stupid stunt after a few too many drinks in a lonely motel, leaving a widow and a teenaged son to fend for themselves.

When Dean returned to the motel, the adjoining doors were open and Cynthia Byrne sat on the edge of her bed with one hand holding a phone and the other with a wet face cloth pressed to her forehead.

Mayer did not think Byrne had carried any additional coverage because, according to Mayer, Byrne hardly had enough money to blow his nose.

While he knew he should report his suspicion of being bugged, he feared having to answer questions about his clandestine work in the Byrne matter.

It was a day made for biking and in spite of his body problems, he gave Cynthia Byrne a call to see if she wanted to join him.