Sentence Examples with the word Buzzed

The alarm clock buzzed insistently and she reached over to slap the snooze button, squinting at the iridescent hands.

Leland Anderson buzzed Dean from his office.

He took a deep breath and buzzed his wife to pick up.

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Something buzzed by her head and hit the pond, skipping across the smooth surface.

Honeysuckle blossoms sent a sweet invitation and a bee buzzed by them in answer.

Somewhere in the garden a bee buzzed and someone shuffled their feet.

Laughter and snickering buzzed through the hall.

By ten o'clock some twenty men had already been carried away from the battery; two guns were smashed and cannon balls fell more and more frequently on the battery and spent bullets buzzed and whistled around.

The back of his skull buzzed harder until he wondered if his scalp was about to spin off and fly away.

Above her, bees buzzed around the aromatic apple blossoms.