Sentence Examples with the word Buzz

There followed a buzz in the crowd.

At the approach of the commander-in-chief the buzz of talk ceased and all eyes were fixed on Kutuzov who, wearing a white cap with a red band and a padded overcoat that bulged on his round shoulders, moved slowly along the road on his white horse.

In the noblemen's hall there was an incessant movement and buzz of voices.

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Maybe it was the near-inaudible buzz or the rain on the roof, or my imagination, by I actually napped, for about twenty minutes.

She asked that I have you buzz her.

When the kid comes back from her momma's house, give me a buzz and I'll see if I have time to talk some truth into her.

He was normal, aside from the weird buzz at the base of his skull that'd kept him awake every night since Bianca touched his face.

Plus his gizmos buzz all night.

You're such a buzz kill.

Members of the elite federal government and military personnel darted between greencars and buildings, the buzz of radios and shouts adding to the compound's chaos.