Sentence Examples with the word Butchered

He saw one of his uncles dragged from the palace and butchered by a savage mob.

Douglas, an excellent guerilla leader, captured his own castle and butchered the English garrison.

In 1220 Jenghiz Khan sacked Balkh, butchered its inhabitants and levelled all the buildings capable of defence, - treatment to which it was again subjected in the 14th century by Timur.

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The crown-prince, Chosroes, was, on the other band, wholly orthodox; and, towards the close of his fathers reign, in conjunction with the chief Magian, he carried through a sacrifice of the Mazdakites, who were butchered in a great massacre (528).

Many traders and trappers were butchered by the Indians, who became still more troublesome after the invasion of the Territory by the gold-seekers, and the surveying of railway routes had been undertaken.

He and several of his men were, notwithstanding, butchered by the mob before they could be brought to The king's assent to its measures would be convenient, but not necessary.

He was driven to an isle off the Irish coast; he thence joined Douglas in Arran, and by a sudden camisade he butchered the English cantoned under his own castle of Turnberry in Carrick.

Chaka between 1818 and 1820 ravaged the whole of what is now known as Natal, and after beating his foes in battle, butchered the women, children and old men, incorporating the young men in his impis.

On a stormy August night in 1689 150o Iroquois burst in on the village of Lachine near Montreal, butchered 200 of its people, and carried off more than loo to be tortured to death at their leisure.

Pierre gave him a sidelong look at his butchered French, and Sofia smiled despite herself.