Sentence Examples with the word Butcher

His constable Tiptoft, the butcher earl of Worcester, was a figure who might have stepped out of the Italian Renaissance.

J ames Butcher (acting) .

Fat wethers for the butcher are drafted from the hills in August and the two succeeding months.

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In the fattening of animals for the butcher the principle of 2 Returns for only ten months were available for this year.

The schochat or butcher must be a devout Jew and of high moral character, and be duly licensed by the chief rabbi.

His father, James Foe, was a butcher and a citizen of London.

Cynthia asked as she returned to the counter and began chopping carrots with a large butcher knife.

In the cattle classes, aged beasts of huge size and of considerably over a ton in weight used to be common, but in recent years the tendency has been to reduce the upper limit of age, and thus to bring out animals ripe for the butcher in a shorter time than was formerly the case.

Afterwards, owing to the increased attention given to stock-fattening and dairying, and to a rise in prices, farming reached a condition of equilibrium, and the most noticeable residuum of the period of depression was the large intrusion of the butcher and grazier class into the farmer class proper.

The only trades allowed them were those of butcher and carpenter, and their ordinary occupation was wood-cutting.